Planting Guide for Tote SIPs
Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 12:00PM
Ram G in Planting, SIPs, Sub-irrigated Planters, Toe SIPs, planting guide

Through trial and error and through reading various blogs and forums I put together a planting guide for most of the plants I have been growing in my 18 gallon tote box. The picture below shows the detail.

There's one learning over the past 2 years I learned when following the sequence below. Say you planted, 4 cabbages in 2 rows, and due to some reason, a few of them die. Just let it be and don't try to fill the spots with other plants. I once replaced zucchinis that died with bell peppers. The zucchinis that survived over powered the peppers completely. Did the same when a few cucumbers died in the frost in April this year and I replaced them with zucchinis. The surviving cucumbers just ran over the zucchinis. The zucchines yield was very poor.


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