A drip irrigation system that takes the worry out of watering
Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 08:00AM
Ram G in Cost of gardening, Drip irrigation, Irrigation, ROI, SIPs, Sub-irrigated Planters

I had an old ¼” drip irrigation system I installed last year when I was going away on a 2-week vacation. As I plan to go on vacation next week I wanted to upgrade the irrigation system to handle the new extended garden I have this year.

So I got some ½ pipes and set up a new system that has been working well the past 2 weeks. I will have a more detailed blog on how to set up a drip irrigation system for your tote planters soon. It costs me in the range of  $60 and took less than half a day to get it all done. So look forward to a detailed step-by-step guide soon.

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